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Epoxy Resin + Hardener | 1:1 Formula

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Epoxy Resin + Hardener | 1:1 Formula

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Our 1:1 Epoxy Resin + Hardener formula has a low odor, is non-toxic and comes in many different sizes ranging from 8oz all the way up to 8 gallons!

Sizes Available:

8oz Kit = 4oz Epoxy Resin + 4oz Hardener

16oz Kit = 8oz Epoxy Resin + 8oz Hardener

24oz Kit = 12oz Epoxy Resin + 12oz Hardener

32oz Kit = 16oz Epoxy Resin + 16oz Hardener

64oz Kit = 32oz Epoxy Resin + 32oz Hardener

1 Gallon Kit = 64oz Epoxy Resin + 64oz Hardener

2 Gallon Kit = 1 gallon Epoxy Resin + 1 gallon Hardener

4 Gallon Kit = 2 gallons Epoxy Resin + 2 gallons Hardener

8 Gallon Kit = 4 gallons Epoxy Resin + 4 gallons Hardener


The 1:1 formula is perfect for basic silicone crafts, jewelry, tabletop finishes and more... 

Currently we only offer a 1:1 formula, also known as a 'clear coat' or 'tabletop' epoxy resin, allowing for a 1/4" thickness per layer. This formula is NOT for deep pours, but is able to be layered as each pour begins to harden (~4-6 hours in between layers).

We are working hard on a 2:1 and 3:1 formula currently, also knows as a 'deep pour' epoxy resin. We hope to have this available in the coming months!

Safety notice: Always wear personal protective equipment when handling epoxy resin. Adverse allergic reactions can occur. Always wear nitrile gloves when handling or mixing the resin and hardener and use a respirator if mixing in a poorly ventilated area.