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Platinum Cure Liquid Silicone Rubber Kit

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Kperdiem Design Platinum Cure Silicone is a perfect product for making your own silicone molds. This silicone is very strong once cured and is food grade. Additionally, molds made with this silicone work perfectly for epoxy resin.

Kit Sizes:

1/2Lb : 4oz Part A + 4oz Part B
1Lb : 8oz Part A + 8oz Part B
2Lb : 1lb Part A + 1lb Part B
4Lb : 2lb Part A + 2lb Part B (OUT OF STOCK)
8Lb : 4lb Part A + 4lb Part B (OUT OF STOCK)
16Lb : 8lb Part A + 8lb Part B (OUT OF STOCK)

To use, simply mix part A and part B with a 1:1 ratio by volume, stir thoroughly for 4-6 minutes, and pour. The silicone takes ~12-24 hours to fully cure.

 Working Time: 30 min
De-Mold Time: 6-12 Hours
Heat Deflection: 300 Degrees Celsius
Tensile Strength: 5.7 Mpa
Elongation: 500%
Tear Resistance, PPI: 24
Color: Semi-Clear
Hardness: 25A
Viscosity: 1.08g/cm^3